The Jefferson County Auxcomm Radio Emergency Service (JCARES) is very Thankful to have received a Grant from the East Tennessee Foundation and the Jefferson Healthcare Foundation Fund for the below project, which is approaching completion.


Project Name:  
Emergency Communications Support Infrastructure

Project Summary:
Complete rebuild of an existing amateur radio repeater site located on Clinch Mountain in Grainger County that will provide excellent radio communications to much of Eastern TN with the primary focus being on a reliable location for JCARES to serve the agencies of Jefferson County.

Proposed Project:
JCARES is tasked with providing auxiliary emergency communications for government and non-government agencies located in eastern TN. This proposed project would give us a robust and reliable repeater site on a needed, high elevation location in east TN. With our partner LARC receiving a grant last year from Knox East TN Health Coalition to build an auxiliary emergency communications trailer, this repeater site would provide support to that trailer and many hospitals not only in Jefferson County but also East TN.The capability to provide reliable communications in a time of need is paramount for us. This proposed project would include clearing the current repeater site of trees, excavation work for leveling an adequate area for new building construction, installation of new towers and antennas, and a generator to keep the equipment operational at all times.

Number of Individuals Impacted by Project:

54,495 (Per 2019 information for Jefferson County TN)

Measuring Project Impact: Quantitative

Success of this project will be illustrated by the use of this repeater site in times of emergency communication needs, as well as training purposes which are on a weekly schedule. All emergency organizations in Jefferson County and abroad will benefit from the use of this repeater system.

Measuring Project Impact:  Qualitative

Qualitative success of this project will be accessed by the served agencies of Jefferson County in our demonstration of reliable emergency communications in times of need by those departments, as well as during training exercises.

Mission Statement:
The mission of JCARES is to support government and non-government agencies when requested and provide emergency communications during incidents or events; to promote the interest in amateur radio communication and experimentation; and to further the advancement of the radio art. JCARES strongly supports and encourages an active relationship with emergency and disaster relief organizations, with our currently served agencies being Jefferson County EMA and Jefferson County E-911.


The Jefferson County Auxcomm Radio Emergency Service (JCARES)aressmall
is a field organization of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and is comprised of FCC licensed amateur radio operators. Our “Hams” volunteer their time, skill and equipment to serve the community during times of disaster and distress, when normal communications media are not available, have failed or are badly overburdened.

All JCARES members are also registered as RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) radio operators and serve in this capacity under the direction of the Director, Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). While raceslogoEMA & E-911 are our principal served agencies, JCARES members may be called upon to assist other Jefferson County government and non-government agencies. In addition, mutual aid requests to assist other ARES / RACES groups within and without the state of Tennessee are possible. We also coordinate with METERS, The National Weather Service (Morristown) Skywarn net and are active in the local Hospital net as well as the national Traffic System.

JCARES conducts a weekly communications training net on Mondays at 1800 hours on 145.410 Mhz (R).  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 1800 hours. We usually meet at EMS station #3 in White Pine, near exit 4 of Interstate 81. (Nets are not conducted on meeting nights).  All licensed radio amateurs are invited to participate in our nets.  Our monthly meeting is open to licensed hams or those who may have an interest in becoming an amateur radio operator and serving their community.

All amateur radio operators in Jefferson County interested in serving our community during communications emergencies are welcome to join. If you live in another County, you may be able to join JCARES with approval from your local  ARES Emergency Coordinator (or District EC if no EC in your county). Our focus is on Emergency Communications and we are Auxcomm, ARES and RACES affiliated.
For more information about becoming a licensed ham or joining our organization, contact any JCARES member or send an email to:  AEC