We are amateur radio operators who have volunteered our time, knowledge and equipment to the citizens and agencies of Jefferson County, Tennessee. In the event of  natural or manmade disasters, we are prepared to provide emergency
backup communications via amateur radio.  We are the members of the Jefferson County Amateur Radio  Emergency Services (JCARES) group.

All JCARES members are also registered as RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service)

How You Can Help / TRAINING

Amateur Radio has always been an activity of exploration and discovery as well as personal growth and social interaction.  The people who often receive the most satisfaction from amateur radio are those who have spent time developing skills. They have made a commitment to increase their knowledge of the subject and who have become a part of the fabric of the amateur community.  Obtaining a license and purchasing a radio does not make you a radio amateur any more than purchasing a tennis racket makes you a tennis player.  If I may carry this analogy a step further, mentoring in ham radio is like coaching in sports; it is ineffective unless there is an effort from the participant.

“Without involvement, there is no commitment.  Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it.  No involvement, no commitment.”
So to make this a little shorter… for those of you that are amateur operators already, get involved, join your local ARES group or find way to participate in activities.  Furthermore, recruit new members to “Ham Radio” and to ARES, share your passion for your hobby.

Clark Measels, Emergency Coordinator